At Eidsbugarden 1060 m above sea level, famous rock bands gather and create a unique atmosphere combined with mountain sports and outdoor activities.

Vinjerock is named after the famous poet, Aasmund Olavsson Vinje, who was actually the first cabin owner at Eidsbugarden. He was also the man who gave Jotunheimen its current name.

Vinjerock is organized every year in the second half of July. See more information about this year's festival here:

Tyinholmen has many guests connected to the festival, and we have nice offers for the festival participants who visit us. We open our spacious sauna with shower facilities and make arrangements for family camping for those who want to stay a little outside the Vinjerock camp itself. It is only 3 km between Tyinholmen and Eidsbugarden, and a continuous bus connection to the concert area

For more information see here Vinjerock