Vinjerock - accommodation

Vinjerock is one of Norway's most popular rock festivals.

Photo: Lars Østby Hemsing

At Eidsbugarden 1060 masl, Scandinavia's most famous rock bands gather and create a unique atmosphere combined with mountain sports and outdoor activities.

Vinjerock is named after the famous poet, Aasmund Olavsson Vinje, who was actually the first cabin owner on Eidsbugarden. He was also the man who gave Jotunheimen his current name.

Vinjerock is arranged 22th - 25st of Jul, 2021. In addition to numerous concerts, festival participants get the opportunity to participate in a variety of activites, with everything from guided top tours to sand volleyball at Jotunheimen Beach. The festival also focuses on food, which is characterized by good local produce and nice prices.

Tyinholmen is the natural accommodation for those who want to experience Vinjerock. We can offer cabins, apartments and rooms. In the terrain around Tyinholmen there are many great places to pitch a tent. There is only 3 km between Tyinholmen and Eidsbugarden, and a continuous bus connection to the concert area.

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