Wild weekend 27.-29. September, with good wines and the best ingredients in the mountains!

Set off weekend, 27-29. September! Together with Cabana Wines as we invite culinary experiences with good wines and this year's wild meat in the center.

After arriving on Friday, Turid's unique wild casserole is served.
On Saturday, there is free daytime program. We still recommend a tour of the View at Skjeneggen, with perhaps the most beautiful and accessible view in the whole of Jotunheimen! If the weather is good, the trip up the Rusteggen is also a good suggestion!

Saturday at 16: 00 - 17: 00, with the help of Cabana Wines as, we will carry out wine tasting in the fireplace room. Here you will be able to experience a number of exciting wines, with some cheese and salami. Kr 350, - for those who want to bring this guaranteed pleasant scene!

Saturday night at 19: We invite 00 to a party!

From the menu we serve an 4 course menu with smoked Tyinaure and gravy reindeer meat for starters and entrees. Outer fillet of reindeer for main course. Multer with cream for dessert. For this meal we recommend a wine package (a total of 5 glasses with exciting options) and with us Cabana Wines has put together wines that are perfect for the meal. There will be presentation of various wines along the way.

Do you want to bring all this with you?

All weekend, including overnight Friday to Sunday, dinner Friday night, 2 x breakfast and party and wine package for dinner on Saturday we have a nice offer of NOK 2.800, -

If you only want to attend the party on Saturday evening, 4 course menu including wine package (5 glass of wine), you get a wonderful experience for only NOK 890, -


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