Tyinholmen 125 years

In 2017 it was 125 years ago, John Opdal (returning from America) built the first Tyinholmen Hotel in 1892 at the northern end of Tyinvannet in Jotunheimen. It was soon clear that there was a basis for tourism in this part of Jotunheimen. In addition to the 20-30, Tyinholmen was expanded and capacity increased. Today, Tyinholmen is among the most traditional tourist destinations in Jotunheimen and in the anniversary year it is 5. generation descendant of John who owns Tyinholmen.

On the occasion of the 125 anniversary we serve a specially-composed anniversary menu composed of the best ingredients the mountain can offer to our guests.

In the occasion of the anniversary, a historical presentation has also been made, composed of old NRK recordings, pictures and music from Edvard Grieg. Toe a look

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