Trips for children

Tyinholmen is the best starting point for families with children. Here you will find an open mountain landscape with many hiking options for the youngest. Here are some suggestions:

  • Sukkenes bro - Large rock over the stream from Sløtafjellet (2,5 km, quite a climb
  • Store steinen - on the road up to Utsikten på Skjeneggen (1,5 km, some ascent)

    The view on Skjeneggen with the whole of Jotunheimen at your feet

  • Trip to Eidsbugarden and Fondsbu - 3 km from Tyinholmen
  • Trip to Utsikten på Skjeneggen (2,5 km, big climb) - Experience a peak panorama like no other, here you can study a summit board with the names and height of many of the peaks in Jotunheimen
  • The nature trail on Tyinholmen. A nature trail with 14 posts has been laid out in the area around Tyinholmen. Fun challenges for young and old!

It is popular to fish in Andedammen (just below Tyinholmen) - There is a lot of fish here, we can almost guarantee a trout on the hook!