Hjelledalstind - 1889 m

Hjälalstind, 1989 moh

Hjelledalstind forms the majestic left portal, where Falketind is the dominant right portal in the "gate" to Morka Koldedalen. Despite the fact that Hjelledalstind is a beautiful mountain, it is far less visited than its big brother, Falketind. The trip is shorter, but up from Koldedalen you get a brutal start with a steep climb of several hundred meters. Up on the saddle between Koldedalstind and Hjelledalstind is a small glacier that can also have cracks in some places. Ice ax and rose iron are recommended. Towards the very top it can become airy, which requires splitting. Up from Koldedalen and all the way to the top it usually takes 4 hours - a little less down again if you choose to slide down on the snowdrifts, which are usually there early in the season, down towards Koldedalen.

Estimated time: 6-7 hours

Falconet - 2067 m

Alternative route is what we call "pioneer box" which was the box selected by the first-classers in 1820.

Falconet, 2067 moh

Take off at the cabin at the end of the road in Koldedalen and go up on the right side of the river, across Falkebreen and into the east wall. The route goes up right to the right where the oak crashes at its lowest. - Here you cleave up a slider before crossing out to the right and so on to the top. At the top of the east wall there may be a little snowmobile you have to travel, at least early in the season. Up well, follow the road further south along the steep and up to the top. This option is considered to be more demanding and requires some climbing experience. The bonus is that one avoids the long and boring road into Morka Koldedalen up the backside and you can save a couple of hours on this choice.

Estimated time: 10 - 12 hours

Uranostind - 2157 m

Uranostind, 2157 moh

Known as the most beautiful tip in Jotunheimen.

From the construction road in Koldedalen you go in easy terrain on the marked path up to the ozone of the Uradals water. Elva must steingås. Then turn right to the mountain cliff on 1450 m and follow the road to the north up the mountain ridge. It is narrow and airy over both ramps, both of which are higher than 2000 meters. Up the last oak, climbing equipment is recommended.

Uranos bridge from Uranosbreen - By the way, a trip that is also popular with skiing in the winter. You can choose to go from Tyinholmen or shorten something by driving into Koldedalen. The route is considered to be medium heavy there following the road up towards the glacier on the eastern side of the pond 1518, and across the glacier on the right. Breeding equipment is a matter of course. The route goes up the gap between the Uranus train and the Slingsbytinden. From there, to the top of the headtop.

Estimated time: 9-10 hours