Hjelledalstind - 1889 m

Hjelledalstind, 1989 m

Hjelledalstind forms the majestic left portal, where Falketind is the dominant right portal in the "gateway" into Morka Koldedalen. Despite the fact that Hjelledalstind is a beautiful mountain, it is far less visited than its big brother, Falketind. The trip is shorter, but up from Koldedalen you get a brutal start with several hundreds of meters of sharp ascent. Up on the saddle between Koldedalstind and Hjelledalstind is a small glacier which may also have cracks in some places. Ice ax and crampon are recommended. Towards the very top it can become airy, which requires splitting. Up from Koldedalen and all the way to the top, it usually takes 4 hours - slightly less back down if you choose to slide down the snow banks, which are often there early in the season, down towards Koldedalen.

Estimated time: 6-7 hours

Falketind – 2067 m

The alternative route is what we call the "pioneer route", which was the route chosen by the first climbers in 1820.

Falketind, 2067 m.a.s.l

Take the exit at the cabin at the end of the road in Koldedalen and go up on the right side of the river, over Falkebreen and into the east wall. The route goes up straight to the right where the egg breaks down at its lowest point. - Here you climb up a chute before traversing out to the right and then on to the top. At the top of the east wall, there may be a small drift of snow that you have to ford, at least early in the season. Once up, you follow the road further south along the cliff and up to the top. This option is considered to be more demanding and requires some climbing experience - the bonus is that you avoid the partly long and boring way into the Morka Koldedalen up the swales at the back and you can quickly save a couple of hours on this choice.

Estimated time: 10 - 12 hours

Uranostind – 2157 m

Uranostind, 2157 m.a.s.l

Referred to as the most beautiful peak in Jotunheimen.

From the construction road in Koldedalen, you walk in easy terrain on the marked path up to the oasis of Uradalsvannet. The river must be stoned. Then keep to the right of the rock knoll at 1450 m and follow the road to the north up the ridge. It is narrow and airy above the two summits, both of which are higher than 2000 metres. Climbing equipment is recommended up the last ridge.

Uranostinden from Uranosbreen - By the way, a trip that is also popular with skis in winter. You can choose to go from Tyinholmen or shorten things by driving into Koldedalen. The route is considered to be moderately difficult where you follow the road up towards the glacier on the east side of Tjern 1518, and into the glacier on the right side. Glacier equipment is a matter of course. The route goes up into the gorge between Uranostinden and Slingsbytinden. From there clockwise all the way to the top of the main peak.

Estimated time: 9-10 hours