By bike from Tyinholmen

The Tyin area offers varied and exciting cycling terrain, and we want to make good arrangements for our cycling guests. With us you can wash the bike, borrow tools and charge the bike battery if needed. Many people come to us because they cycle "Mjølkevegen" (see below), but Tyinholmen is also a natural starting point for many other cycling experiences. Here are some suggestions:

The Milky Way:

Tyinholmen is among selected tourist businesses that are part of the Mjølkevegen network. Read more here: The Milky Way


From Tyinholmen there is a 9 km long construction road into Koldedalen to the foot of Falketind. From the bike seat you can experience a spectacular high mountain landscape with an impressive view of glaciers, waterfalls, blue-green mountain lakes and several well-known 2000-metre peaks. For more information, take a look at this great tour description of cycling in Koldedalen, written by Birgit Haugen

Eidsbugarden and MB Bitihorn

You can cycle 3 km across the estate to Eidsbugarden and visit Vinjebui, which was set up by the famous poet Aasmund Olavsson Vinje and his friends in 1868. From there you can take your bike on the M/B Bitihorn at Bygdin and follow Mjølkevegen further over Valdresflya to Gudbrandsdalen .

Tyinvannet and Kongevegen

The cycle ride along Tyinvannet (approx. 15 km) gives an impressive view of the series of peaks into Jotunheimen. From the Tyinkrysset you can follow Kongevegen over Filefjell, which has recently been restored and invites you to wonderful cycling conditions, especially the section between Kyrkjestølen and Maristuen.

"1000 meters"

A very popular cycle trip is to cycle the old road towards Årdal, also known as the "1000-metre". The road runs along the side of the mountain and starts at approximately 1000 meters above the valley. In places it is very steep down. The Hurrungane mountain area reveals itself along the way. Down from the highest point on the road, it winds for approx. 40 turns all the way down to where the dirt road meets National Road 53 a few kilometers from the center in Øvre Årdal. The return to Tyin can be done with the Valdresekspressen or by bicycle on the same route for the fit!

At Tyinholmen, we also have bicycles for hire. Contact us for a reservation.