Medium trips

Breikvamsnosi seen from Tyinholmen

Here are suggestions for nice day trips in the area around Tyinholmen. The peaks are easily accessible, and you will experience a great view with nice nature experiences on the way: 

Rusteggen (1640 m above sea level)

Rusteggen is a characteristic reddish mountain ridge that lies above and northwest of Tyinholmen. There is easy access on the T-marked path up from Tyinholmen - over the "Bridge of Sighs" (a large rock that lies over the stream from Sløtatjern) - further up to the path junction between Skogadalsbøen and Fondsbu/Tyinholmen, and then straight north and up the ridge that ends at the cairn at 1640 m. From here you have a majestic view towards Skagastølstindene, Falketind and Uranosmassivet. 

Ørneberget (1540 m above sea level) 

This is a nice peak in the center of Koldedalen. From Tyinholmen, the easiest way is to walk, cycle or drive into Koldedalen and stop after the 3rd bridge, about 5  kilometers into the valley. You aim for a green flank to the right of the ridge, pass a small pond and follow the stream upwards. Several alternative accesses up the last section. Magnificent views towards Falketind and Hurrungane in the west. 


Breikvamsnosi (1720 m above sea level)

The closest of the characteristic peaks in the area around Tyinholmen, Breikvamsnosi, rises straight up on the northwest side of Tyinvannet. Here you can enter the path towards Vettismork, at the third bridge on the road into Koldedalen. The path goes on the left side of Koldedøla and on towards the glacier fall on the first Koldedalsbreen, before cutting up to the left up along the ridge on Breikvamsnosi. A bit steep and there may also be some snowfields that you have to pass. The trip then goes straight up to the cairn with a fantastic view towards Falketind and Hurrungene in the west and east towards Bygdin, Galdebergtind and Torfinnstindene.