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The view  

The view from Skjeneggen is one of the most legendary and most beautiful viewpoints in Jotunheimen. With just under 3 km of walking on the V-marked path straight up from Tyinholmen, the 1518 meter high peak is one of the easiest to reach and a great family trip. 

On good weather days you can experience a unique panorama over an endless series of 2000-metre peaks from the Hurrungane in the west to the Gjendalpen in the east. The poet Aasmund Olavson Vinje, who visited the area frequently, described it as follows on his deathbed in July 1870: 

"Can you remember the view from Skineggi that morning, you, when the white snow drifted away between the Skagastøl peaks, and the Koldedals glaciers shone like gold in the sunlight. Oh my, oh my, I'm not going to come there this summer!" "But when I am now laid in the coffin, my spirit will make its home up there in the million mountains. And then I will sit there on Falketind and look out over Norway, and the mountain rays will rise.." 

Well up on The view is a summit board that describes the panorama with the name and height of all the peaks you see 

 See tour description on UT-no:The Tyinholmen View


Straight up from Tyinholmen lies Torshammaren, 1440 m above sea level. The trail starts from our top rental cabin. The first 250 meters in flat terrain, before the path goes steeply upwards parallel to Torshammerbekken. Up on the plateau you cross the stream and follow the path further north. Then follows a downhill. The last part towards the top, the route turns south. At the top there are two solid cairns and a mailbox. The view over Tyinholmen and Tyinvannet is great. To the west you can admire a number of famous mountains such as Falketind, Uranostind, and Hurrungene. 

approx. 2,5 km

Hike across the estate to Eidsbugarden

If you want a little walk with a bit of history along the way, you can stroll along a marked path or on your way to Eidsbugarden and visit Vinjebui. 

In 1868, Aasmund Olavson Vinje had a cabin set up at Eidsbu. He called the cabin Eidsbugarden. Later it was called Vinjebue. Vinje was called Jotunheimen's first "landnaamsmann and nobleman". It has been said of Vinje that "no Norwegian skald has put as much of Høgfjellet into his poetry as he has". The powerful view of the peaks and glaciers in the area has inspired both him and many other artists. 

About 3 km