Light walks

The view on the Skjeneggen

The view on Skjeneggen is one of the most beautiful and easily accessible viewpoints in Jotunheimen - It is about 2 km easy walk up from Tyinholmen where there is a marked path with white v's. The peak itself is not higher than 1518 meters above sea level, but here you can really feel that you have Jotunheimen at your feet.

On fair days, one can experience an outstanding panoramic view with an endless array of 2000 meters tops from

From the view of Tyinholmen and Tyinvannet. Falketind and Skagastølstindene farther behind

Hurrungane to the west to the Gjendealpene in the east. The famous poems Aasmund Olavson Vinje said it so strikingly at his death in July 1870:

"Can you remember the sight of Skineggi that morning, you when the white clouds drifted away from Skagastølstindane, and Koldedalsbreane shone like gold in the sunshine." Aajei, I hope you will come there this summer! " "But when I am laid in coffin, then my evening will break up home between the mountains, and so I will sit there at Falconet and pour out Norway, and the mountains will rise."

Well up on Utsikten you can study a peak board that gives an illustrative description of the peak panorama with name and height indication on all the peaks you can experience up here.

Estimated time: 3 hours

Tors hammer

On the opposite side of Skinneggen, lies Torshammaren, 1440 masl. The trail starts where the road ends past the top of the rental cabins on Tyinholmen. The top is easily accessible and rises directly behind Tyinholmen. The first 250 meters in smooth terrain, before the path goes straight up parallel to Torshammerbekken. Up on the plateau you cross the stream and follow the path further north. You pass one

From Torshammeren towards Tyinholmen and Tyinvannet

uphill before continuing over a snowdrift, which often lies there throughout the summer. The last part towards the top turns the route to the south. At the top there are two solid cairns and a mailbox with a book where you can enter your name. The view over Tyinholmen and Tyinvannet is great. To the west you can admire a number of famous mountains with Falketind and Uranostind in the lead. The cheers further back!

Estimated time 2 1/2 hours

Hike across the property to Eidsbugarden

If you want a short walk with a little histore on the road, you can stroll the 3 km away to Eidsbugarden and visit Vinjebui.

In 1868, Aasmund Olavson Vinje had a cabin set up at the old Eidsbu stand. He called the cabin Eidsbugarden. Later it has become called Vinjebue. Vinje was called Jotunheimen's first "settler and nobleman". It is said of Vinje that "no Norwegian poet has put so much of the high mountains under his poetry as he". The mighty view of the peaks and glaciers has inspired both him and many other artists.

Estimated time back and forth: 1 1/2 hours

Nature trail at Tyinholmen

The nature trail is a good alternative in those days when the weather is not good for hiking or you simply do not want to go for a longer walk. The tasks are adapted to both small and large - the route goes in a small loop opposite Tyinholmen and you can also observe the remains of the stone arch, Nordre Tybod which was used as accommodation by Boeck, Keilhau and Urdi ifbl with the first ascent of Falketind 2067 masl, 14 July , 1820 - also known as Jotunheimen's discovery!

Estimated time: 45 min