Summer in the high mountains 2024

Summer in the mountain home offers unique experiences for all the senses. The smell of fresh heather, the feeling of warm sun against bare skin, rain or sleet, the sound of roaring waterfalls, the taste of fresh water and the sight of majestic peaks, green mountain sides, blue glaciers, green mountain lakes, eternal snow and rich floral flora. 

Sommerfjellet also offers an adrenaline rush on steep mountain sides, airy traverses and over cracked glaciers, a feeling of mastery when the summit is reached or the many kilometers covered, quiet walks on rugged paths, cycling or fishing. You can experience all of this from Tyinholmen. 

You can choose between staying in affordable cabins, rooms or apartments. We serve home-cooked food and have all rights. In the summer, there is a drive right to the door or you can take the bus that stops in our yard.  

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