Mighty Koldedalen

Tyinholmen is the gateway to the mighty Koldedalen, which ends at the northern end of Koldedalsvannet and the foot of Falketind (2067 masl) and Uranostind (..msl). Koldedalen is characterized by wild untouched nature, glaciers, waterfalls and several spectacular peaks close by. Into the valley follows a 9 km construction road from Tyinholmen, which was built in 1955 in connection with the power development of Tyin. The road is not maintained more than absolutely necessary, but is drivable. This provides easy access to unique nature experiences.

Koldedøla comes from Koldedalsvannet and ends in Tyin. Several beautiful waterfalls can be experienced inland along the road. Koldedøla is also a popular fishing river with trout of excellent quality. On Koldedalsbreen, the first snowfall usually occurs at the end of September. Here, randonee enthusiasts can find the first skiing opportunities of the ski season