Hunting and sport fishing

Koldedøla river offers supreme trout in extraordinary surroundings

Lake Tyin is well recognized for its first class trout. The quality is supreme, the fish is silvercolored, meat is deep-red and the avg weight is half kilo. In the area surrounding Tyinholmen there are many easy accessible and popular places to fish.

Nice catch with grouse from the western part of lake Tyin

There are many smaller ponds in the area that may provide exciting fishing experiences. There are trout in the vast majority of mountain ponds and rivers -although sometimes you may need a little bit of patience to get the mountain trout to bite.

Koldedøla flows from Koldedalsvatnet and down into Tyin - has evolved into a very exciting fishing village in spectacular surroundings. Many catches are reported over the kilo annually.

Contact the reception at Tyinholmen for more information on fishing possibilities in the area.

Fishing cards can be paid by mobile phone, or purchased at Filefjell Center or Tyinholmen.

The small game chase starts 10. September. There are several terrain available for small game hunters with license. Eidsbugarden Fjelleiendom and Årdal Hunting and Fishing Association have terrain available within walking distance of Tyinholmen. For Eidsbugarden mountain property it is possible to buy hunting card on the internet,

The hunting terrain that Årdal Hunter and Fishing Association disposes is located in the mountains on the western part of lake Tyin, and you may buy hunting cards at the Sportshuset in Øvre Årdal or via the net.