Hunting and sport fishing

Lake Tyin is known for first-class fish. The aure is silvery, bright red in the flesh and the average weight is well over half a kilo. In the area around Tyinholmen there are several popular and very accessible fishing spots.

There are fish in the vast majority of mountain lakes in the area, although you have to use some cleverness and be patient to get the mountain trout to bite.

Fishing licenses can be paid via mobile phone, see notice at Tyin.

The small game hunting starts September 10th. There are several terrains available to small game hunters with a hunting license. Eidsbugarden Fjelleiendom and Årdal hunting and fishing association have terrains available within walking distance of Tyinholmen. For the Eidsbugarden mountain property (public domain) you can buy a hunting license on the internet,

The hunting grounds managed by the Årdal hunting and fishing association are located in the mountains on the west side of Tyin. Hunting licenses can be bought at the Sports House in Øvre Årdal or via the internet.