Tyinholmen is one of the oldest tourist destinations in Jotunheimen. Tyinholmen was established as early as in 1892 by John Opdal, grandfather of the present owner. The mountain tourism in Norway started in this area.

Many famous people and great personalities have visited Tyinholmen throughout the years. Some of the most famous are composer Edvard Grieg, rock climber Cecil Slingsby, painter Erik Werenskiold and poet Aasmund Olavsson Vinje. Norway's last three kings have also visited Tyinholmen.

An overview of the remarkable history of Tyinholmen:

  • 1892: Tyinholmen hotel is established by John Opdal, who had returned to Norway after several years in America. John also established Framnes Hotel at the southern shore of lake Tyin two years earlier
  • 1906: The m/b Tyin is put into operation and takes over the boat-route between Tyin and Tyinholmen.
  • 1911: Helge Opdal is the new owner of Tyinholmen. The hotel has 33 beds.
  • 1923: Tyinholmen opens for winter tourism, as one of the first tourist destinations in Jotunheimen
  • 1928: Helge Opdal expands the hotel with several lounges and 4 bedrooms on the floor above.
  • 1933: Tyinholmen acquires its first snowmobile, a Citroen that had previously been running in the Sahara desert.
  • 1936: In cooperation with Viggo Widerøe (founder of Widerøe's airline) a motorsledge is developed for the transport of guests and goods
  • 1938: Widerøe Airlines establish the Jotunheim route, Oslo-Lillehammer-Gålå-Fefor-Tyinholmen. Tourists from Oslo could fly up to the mountainresorts to go skiing in the mountains. During the tourist season, 55 flights were made.
  • 1942: John Opdal is the new owner of Tyinholmen
  • 1942: The German state police confiscate Tyinholmen and stops tourism until the war is over
  • 1946: JVB acquires Canadian Bombardier snowmobiles and start running the route between Tyin, Tyinholmen and Eidsbugarden. The snowmobile route is still in operation.
  • 1952: Air traffic begins a long era at Tyinholmen, with light aircrafts based at the hotel
  • 1955: A new road opens between Tyin and Tyinholmen - it also meant the conclusion of the Tyin-Tyinholmen boat route
  • 1959: Lake Tyin was regulated with 9 meters. The old Tyinholmen Hotel was demolished.
  • 1960: The new Tyinholmen Høyfjellshotel with 110 beds is inaugurated
  • 1961: Helge Opdal receives the royal medal of merit in gold, for his pioneering work with tourism in Jotunheimen
  • 1961: The Norwegian military command setting up a memory bauta at Tyinholmen in honor of the supreme court judge, mountaineer and resistance fighter, Ferdinand Schjelderup.
  • 1972: Helge Opdal is the new owner of Tyinholmen.
  • 1979: The catastrophy happens, Tyinholmen Høyfjellshotel is completely damaged in fire - large and irreplaceable values ​​are lost.
  • 1980: The establishment of the Jotunheimen National Park resulted in a ban on flights to the nearby glaciers
  • 1983: A new Tyinholmen lodge with 10 cabins is open
  • 1995: Øystein Opdal (today's owner) takes over
  • 2011: A solar system is being installed at Tyinholmens tak in a unique test project in collaboration with the solar cell company REC
  • 2017: Tyinholmen celebrates 125 years through 5 generations

For the 125 years celebration a historic presentation of Tyinholmen was made. Take a look and enjoy the presentation here: presentation