Winter Adventure 2024

March and April are the very best months for ski trips in Jotunheimen. The sun is high in the sky, the evenings are bright and the skiing is brilliant. 

With Tyinholmen as your starting point, you can put on your skis outside the door and experience fantastic trips in majestic surroundings: on mountain skis, cross-country skis on snowmobile trails or spectacular summit tours on randonee. 

The 2024 winter season starts on 15 March and ends on 1 May. You can book accommodation in well-equipped and affordable cabins, or stay in the main house in a twin room or in an apartment. We offer good, homemade food and have all rights. If you live in a cabin, you can  Choose to cook yourself. 

During Easter, we will offer guiding to 2000-metre peaks and hikes, and indoor and outdoor activities adapted to families with children. 

On the weekend of 18 to 21 April, we are looking forward to hosting the tour network Fjelltid, which has its annual spring ski gathering with us. Read more and register here. Spring skiing and top tour collection in Jotunheimen – – Tours

You can come to us with JVB's tracked vehicles or on skis on the approximately 15 km long trail over Tyin.
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Tyinholmen lies at the foot of some of Jotunheimen's most beautiful peaks

Top tours from Tyinholmen on skis

Tyinholmen can offer fantastic top touring terrain with unique skiing experiences where you who are Randonnè and mountain skiing enthusiasts can have fun! Both Torshammeren and Utsikten Skinneggen) are located right outside the living room door and offer great downhill runs. And here are 5 suggestions with nice day trips starting at Tyinholmen:

Uranostind 2157 m.a.s.l
The classic on skis! Great day trip with an almost continuous descent to Tyinholmen! Steady climb up the glacier. Feel free to put your skis down before the main peak. Exposed and airy above the edge towards the cairn. Many therefore choose to stop the last passage. Estimated time 8 hours. Uranostind can also be combined with the trip over Langeskavlen and Langeskavltind. Known as the triple!

Langeskavlen 1878 masl and Langeskavltinden 2014 masl
Long ridge east of Uranosbreen. Popular ski peak on good weather days. Unique view over the whole of Jotunheimen. Descent from the top of Langeskavlen to the bottom of Uranosbreen. Or choose to go up the last ridge towards Langeskavltinden. Descent the same way as from Langeskavlen. Estimated time 7 hours round trip Tyinholmen.

The Koldedal glaciers
Nearest mountain range to the west and many skiing opportunities in this massif. From Tyinholmen, go straight across Tyin and into the foot of the glacier. Steady ascent to the top of the glacier before a final bit turns to the west and peak 1822. Increasingly popular peak among Randonnè enthusiasts. Estimated time 6 hours.

Breikvamsnosi 1720 m.a.s.l
Characteristic peak at the entrance to Koldedalen west of Tyinholmen. Great continuous descent down to Tyin. The snow stays for a long time on this flank and great skiing experiences are possible well into June. Estimated time 5 hours.

Galdebergtind 2075 m.a.s.l
East of Eidsbugarden. Great ski peak that provides 1000 continuous meters of descent from the top down to Bygdin. Pass steeply and several possible accesses via the west flank. Estimated time 8 hours