Go to sea in Jotunheimen!

M / B Bitihorn has been on a regular route on Lake Bygdin since 1912. The boat crosses the lake twice a day, from Bygdin at the southern end via Torfinnsbu to Eidsbugarden. From the deck you can experience many beautiful 2-meter peaks. You can also combine the boat trip with fine hiking in the area. The boat has a capacity of 2000 passengers. The season is normally from late June to early September.

Join the summit summer 2020!

Tyinholmen is the optimal starting point for top trips to several of the most famous peaks in Jotunheimen. Falketind 2067 meters, Uranostind 2157 meters and Stølsnostind 2074 meters are very popular hiking destinations within easy reach. We work with several mountain guides and can offer tours with an emphasis on safety and sympathetic pace. The mountain guiding season starts in early July and the season runs until the end of September. Contact us for more information!

Welcome to the new summer season June 19st!

We look forward to welcoming you to a new summer season at Tyinholmen! We stay open until October 4th and hope for a lot of visits this summer. This is in many ways a special summer and of course we take the rules of infection control very seriously. At Tyinholmen you can stay in detached cabins and in our spacious common areas in the main house we adjust the distance between the tables. Cleaning procedures are strictly adhered to.

If you have symptoms of COVID19 you cannot reach the mountains. This also applies to mild symptoms. Plan hand hygiene measures out and about. Bring plenty of wet wipes, soap and alcohol-based disinfection.

Welcome to the high mountain this summer!