Tyinholmen enjoys a unique location in the south-west of Jotunheimen, at the northern end of Lake Tyin.

The distance from Oslo is 279 km and Bergen 280 km. Estimated driving time from the cities is about 3,5 hours along the E16. During the summer season there is a bus service twice a day to Tyinholmen which corresponds with buses from Oslo and Bergen.

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In the winter season the classic Bombardier snowmobiles provide the transportation into Jotunheimen - from Tyin to Tyinholmen and Eidsbugarden.
The snowmobiles are manufactured in Canada with V8 engine with approximately 320 hp and have a capacity of 15 passengers. For more than 70 years, the snowmobiles have provided reliable transport of guests into the tourist resorts. The journey is an experience in itself!

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