Tyinholmen and the surrounding area invite you to many activities.

Rambling: mountain enthusiasts can enjoy a fantastic and untouched high mountain terrain. Some trails take you to nice peaks with beautiful views, while others go in valley bottoms and on mountain plateaus.

Top tours: From Tyinholmen, you can climb at least eight 2000-metre peaks as a day trip. We also offer guiding to peaks where you must have a guide, such as to Jotunheimen's most beautiful peak, Uranostind (m), and to the spectacular Falketind (m).

Bicycle: You can have beautiful bike rides on nice dirt roads along Tyinvannet, or into Koldedalen. You can also easily get longer trips, for example by taking the bike on the boat Bitihorn, and then cycling the Mjølkevegen back to Tyinholmen.

Fishing: The tyin trout is known both for its size and for its fine, red meat. There are also nice mountain fish in other waters in the area. You can get a fishing license here:

Cabin-to-cabin: From Tyinholmen there are day stages to Skogadalsbøen, Olavsbu, Gjendebu, Torfinnsbu, Vetti and Skinningsbu.