Tyinholmen and the surrounding area invite you to many exciting activities. Let yourself be inspired by the adventurous sport fishing opportunities in the area, cycling in majestic surroundings in Koldedalen, or go "to sea" with the traditional M/S Bitihorn on Bygdin waters. Kongevegen, within driving distance of Tyinholmen, has had its renaissance and been painstakingly restored to its former glory. Here you can walk various stages on the mountain pass over Filefjell.

Top tour with a driver is a challenging option. Tyinholmen is an optimal starting point for summit tours to the most famous and spectacular peaks in this part of Jotunheimen; Falketind 2067 masl, Uranostind 2157 masl, Stølsnostind 2074 masl or Langeskavltinden 2014 masl. We work with renowned drivers who emphasize safety and a pleasant pace.

We would also recommend the spectacular hike to the remote farm Vetti where you can experience one of Europe's highest waterfalls - only a 40-minute drive from Tyinholmen via Årdal. In Årdal, you can visit the open-air swimming pool: 50 x 25-metre pool with 2 slides for children and 2 smaller children's pools. The water is heated from waste heat from the aluminum plant and maintains a constant 28 degrees. The outdoor swimming pool is open all summer.