Welcome to Tyinholmen

1100 meters above sea level, in the south-west of Jotunheimen, you will find Tyinholmen høyfjellsstuer. With Tyinholmen as your starting point, you have ample opportunities for outdoor life in wild and beautiful high mountain nature, summer and winter. You can tinderangle 2000 meter peaks, go on easier day trips, experience glacier hikes, start or end a hut-to-hut trip, fish or cycle the Mjølkevegen.

Tyinholmen has 10 well-equipped and pleasant cabins with room for up to 10 people and traditional rooms in the main house. We serve good, homemade food and have all the rights, but you can also cook in the cabins, which all have a fridge and a small stove.

Tyinholmen is located in Vang municipality, four hours by car from Oslo and Bergen. In the summer, you can use a bus that takes you all the way to us.

Tyinholmen is run by Margrete and Runar. We look forward every day to being hosts in these wonderful surroundings and look forward to sharing nature experiences and fun with new and old guests.

Feel free to call us on 61 36 78 88, send an e-mail to post@tyinholmen.no or use the order button below.



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