Stay in the middle of the mountain adventure

 At the foot of Uranostind and Falketind - 1100 meters above sea level - you will find Tyinholmen høyfjellsstuer. Here you have unique opportunities for outdoor activities in summer and winter. You can tinderangle 2000 meter peaks, go on nice day trips on skis or on foot, go randonee, fish or cycle in wild and beautiful high mountain nature.

Tyinholmen has 10 pleasant cabins and traditional hotel rooms in the main building. We serve homemade food and have all rights. You can also cook yourself in our well-equipped cabins.

Tyinholmen is about 28 miles from Oslo and Bergen. In the summer, the bus stops in the yard. In winter, there is a tracked vehicle in scheduled traffic from Tyin.

 If you want a shorter stay or have other questions and orders: Contact us by email or telephone 61 36 78 88. 

Welcome to the mountains!



At Tyinholmen, you choose whether you want to stay in one of our 10 cabins, all of which are close to the main house, or whether you want to stay in the main house where we have four double rooms and a spacious apartment.

Suggestions for your trip

How to get to Tyinholmen

Tyinholmen is located at the northern end of the mountain lake Tyin. Distance from Oslo and Bergen is approximately 280 km. Estimated driving time from these cities is just under 4 hours along the E16. We have a large car park and you can charge both electric cars and electric bicycles with us.

In the summer, there is a driveway, and there is a daily bus that stops at the yard. In winter, the road is winter closed. Then you come to us with JVB's classic tracked vehicles. If you come by car, you can park at Tyin, while the tracked vehicle corresponds with a bus to Tyinkrysset.