Cycling in Jotunheimen

The Tyin area offers a varied and exciting cycling terrain. Here are some suggestions:

From Tyinholmen there is a 9 km long construction road into Koldedalen to the foot of Falketind. From the bicycle seat you can experience a spectacular high mountain range with impressive views of glaciers, waterfalls, blue green mountain water and well known 2000 meters peaks. Take a look at this great tour description of cycling in Koldedalen, written by Birgit Haugen

Koldedalen against Falketind 2067 moh

You may ride 3 km over Eidet to Eidsbugarden and visit Vinjebui, which was set up by the famous poet Aasmund Olavsson Vinje and his friends in 1868. It is quite possible to take the bike on M / B Bitihorn on Bygdin and follow Mjølkevegen further over Valdresflya to Gudbrandsdalen.

Another option is to cycle along the Tyin Water, which gives an impressive view of the range of peaks inland Jotunheimen and further follow Kongevegen over Filefjell, which has recently been restored and offers wonderful cycling conditions, especially the stretch between Kyrkjestølen and Maristuen.

The perhaps most spectacular cycling trip from Tyinholmen is to follow the old road from Tyin towards Årdal, also known as the "1000 meter". The road goes on the mountain side at about 1000 - meter altitude across the valley. Instead it is very steep and the mountain area Hurrungane is revealed along the way while cycling down. Down from the highest point on the road, it winds for approx. 40 swings all the way down to the gravel road, Riksveg 53 meets some miles from the center of Øvre Årdal. Returning back to Tyin can be carried out with the Valdresek press, possibly by bike the same way for the super-speaking!